Lone Oak Brewing Kegs

Lone Oak brewing has sixtels and half barrels available that would make a perfect addition to your kegerator or party.

A sixtel is roughly 50 12oz pours and a half barrel is 150 12oz pours. We offer many beer and hard seltzer styles of each.

The initial purchase of a keg involves paying for the beer itself (inquire for pricing), as well as a $150 deposit on the keg shell which is refundable upon return. Alternatively, you can trade the keg in for a new one after the initial keg runs dry, and keep the deposit on file.

No kegerator? No problem, we offer hand pump party taps for your backyard party needs.  Party Taps are the handheld, pump-style taps that can be connected directly to a keg for dispensing at a party.  The party taps are $5/day to rent with a $100 deposit which is refundable upon return.

Kegs are available to purchase in the taproom.
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